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Shalini has successful IVF pregnancy after getting stem cell therapy for diabetes at Global StemGenn

Kuldeep feels like a “superwoman” after taking stem cell therapy for morbid diabetes at Global StemGenn

Mrs. Rita has experienced great relief from ILD (intestitial lung disease) after taking stem cell therapy at Global StemGenn

Severe acne patient gets rid of acne problem with stem cell therapy at Global StemGenn

Manisha find relief from fibroids in stemcell therapy at Global StemGenn

“I can’t believe how much better my knee feels. They wouldn’t operate because of my heart condition so stem cells were about my only hope. Now  I can get in and out of the car and the pain doesn’t wake me up at night. I wish I would’ve had this done years ago.” Dr. Batra, Homeopathic Doctor.

“The results in my left knee were nothing short of remarkable, so I also did my right knee, which has started to improve in just a few weeks. My level of pain and suffering and use of medication for pain is way, way down.” Mrs. Aruna Singh, 62 years.