Treating Arthritis and Sports Injuries – Using Your Own Regenerative Cells

Medicine of tomorrow, available today at Global StemGenn!

Do you have significant pain in your knees, hips, ankles or shoulders, which affects the quality of your day to day life or prevents you from activities you enjoy? Have you tried steroid or hyaluronic acid injections but found that they only provide partial and temporary relief? Have you been told your cartilage is worn away, that you have “bone on bone” and that a joint replacement is your only option?

Now you have other options! The team of Global StemGenn Center in Delhi are pleased to offer effective, non-surgical options. The physicians at Global stemGenn Center are helping patients use regenerative cells taken from their own tissues to regrow new cartilage and help resolve chronic pain. Many patients who had been told that joint replacement or other surgery was their only option, are now essentially free of pain without surgery.  The only “medications” used are taken from the patient’s own body for healing and repair, which could be:

  • Regenerative cells isolated from a small amount of bone marrow
  • A teaspoon of the patient’s abdominal fat
  • PRP (platelet-rich plasma), a concentrated solution of platelets derived from an ounce of blood taken from the arm

The entire procedure takes 8 hours from beginning to end and is associated with minimal discomfort. Many doctors around the country including some orthopedic surgeons now offer regenerative cell therapies to their patients.

MRI images published in the medical literature demonstrate how patients’ own regenerative cells have successfully regrown joint cartilage as well as helped resolve much of their pain. Dr. Agarwala and Dr. Dhall  have traveled around the world to learn these techniques and have created a state-of-the art facility at Delhi.

There is no question that joint replacement surgery can provide enormous pain relief, but it is also the cause of almost 1000 deaths each year in the United States alone and is associated with significant pain, a long period of disability and many months of rehabilitation. Our regenerative cell procedure is associated with minimal pain and patients are able to walk and do normal activities immediately afterwards. Many people drive themselves home after their procedures and return to work the following day.

What do the patients have to say:

“I can’t believe how much better my knee feels. They wouldn’t operate because of my heart condition so stem cells were about my only hope. Now  I can get in and out of the car and the pain doesn’t wake me up at night. I wish I would’ve had this done years ago.” Dr. Batra, Homeopathic Doctor.

“The results in my left knee were nothing short of remarkable, so I also did my right knee, which has started to improve in just a few weeks. My level of pain and suffering and use of medication for pain is way, way down.” Mrs. Aruna Singh, 62 years.