Prabhu Chandra Mishra



CEO & Co-founder – Global Stemgenn, Secretary General- Stem Cell Society, India


p style=”text-align: justify;”>Prabhu Mishra works to develop strategic alliances- national and international for the mission of advancing regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy. Prabhu’s personal experience with life-changing cellular therapies and adult stem cell transplant programme ignited his passion to be involved with an innovative new area of medicine bringing together the industry leaders in regulatory, science, medicine, safety and ethics via an association model to yield the best possible patient outcomes.
 Prabhu participates in the organizational business strategy, membership procurement, marketing, international and domestic conference and event planning/implementation, financial decisions and budgeting.

Prabhu works with the StemGenn team to develop compelling business plans to optimize strategy, present a competitive edge, and to articulate the client’s competitive position. Prabhu creates financial reports for executive summaries such as profit/loss statements which include sales forecasts, personnel and operating costs, break even analysis and cash flow projections.