Why choose Global StemGenn Therapy & Research

World class clinicians and experts from regenerative medicine

Highly accomplished and respected medical teachers, academicians and practitioners along with internationally and nationally acclaimed stem cell researchers

In-house state of the art stem cell lab

Fitted with the most advanced technology and equipment which ensures optimum collection, amplification, cell expansion procedures and maximum yield of good quality stem cells for a highly effective treatment

Accurate treatment protocols for “relevant disorder”

At our center, we put safety first and will act only keeping your best health interests in mind. Complete health screening is done to ensure your suitability and rule out any likely after effects that may be present. Our experts review each case in detail to develop the most suitable treatment plan, as per the requirement of the patient

Transparent and cost effective charges

Proven results

Already treated several patients with hard-pressed situations and ailments to recover and start back their healthy day to day lives. Please visit our testimonials section to read how these people have benefited from this painless treatment. We are now enthused about the extended usages of stem cell therapy which can highly improve the quality of your life, faculty and looks.