Smart anti-aging is with stem cells therapy. Every one has to know !!

Age has no mercy. Our biggest fear is to loose mental faculty, body stamina & looks in that order. We all are scared of loosing strength, thinking power, fine operative skills & looks.

Anti-aging comprehensive  package  is our “Star  Attraction” and key focus.
Amazing results with Stem cell anti aging therapy

Amazing results with Stem cell anti aging therapy

Stem cell therapy is the hot new trend that does not  require any surgery, but at the same time completely rejuvenates you, your organs and your face. Stem cell therapy  is being widely hailed in the western world as the next magnum opus that would help human beings  battle loosing mental faculty, cardio vascular issues, arthritis, hypertension, diabetes & more. Anti-aging spas or clinics have mushroomed in Europe,  US, South East Asia and elsewhere because it has shown great merit. People with resources are lining up.

The procedure involves transplanting adult stem cells taken out from blood and fat from other parts of your body  & infusing back into your system after processing and adding  certain kinds of  stem cell growth factors.  It is followed by grand rejuvenation of both the transplanted stem cells and the local stem cells within your body. The treatment has wonderful effect  restoring youthfulness of the face, body stamina, vigor, hormone levels and overall well being.

Youthfulness of the face includes tightening of facial skin, and evening of fine lines and patchy skin color caused due to sun damage & natural aging. Stem cell facelift technology is currently nascent in India. Tie up with international companies for promoting  this secret will be started soon in various forms.

Face rejuvenation with Stem Cell Therapy

Face rejuvenation with Stem Cell Therapy

Smart Anti-aging brochure

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4 easy steps to the transformation you always dreamed of!

Step 1: Make an appointment

Just call us at +91 99105 96674 / 96505  11339 or mail us  at to get your appointment with the SCT expert.

Step 2: Physicians screening

Before you can proceed with your anti-aging stem cell therapy, you will need to undergo a complete health screening to ensure your suitability and rule out any disease that may be present. At our center, we put safety first and will act only keeping your best health interests in mind.

Step 3: Result reviews

Our certified physician will review the results. Once it has been established that you are suitable for anti-aging SCT,  we will then suggest a date convenient to you for stem cell therapy.

Step 4: Transplantation of live stem cells

The final step is the live transplant of stem cells into your body. You will be able to experience the effectiveness with in few hours.

Should you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!